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Annual Banquet

* Tickets not currently available for this event.

About the Program

The Greater Shreveport Chamber’s Annual Meeting is one of our Premier events. Held each January, our new executive officers are installed for the Board of Directors and the annual Business Person of the Year Award is presented to a local business leader who has made significant contributions to the development of the community.
​This prestigious evening event also reflects on the previous year’s accomplishments and the current year’s vision.

Business Leaders of the Year

Year      Recipient
2019    George Fritze
2018    John Beaird
2017    Ed Crawford, III
​2016    Linda Biernacki
2015    Harry E. McInnis, Jr.
2014    Ivan Smith, Jr.
2013    Alvin Childs, Jr.
2012    Bobby E. Jelks
2011    Robert H. Hamm
2010    John W. Dean
2009    Harold Turner
2008    Steve Walker
2007    Dave A. Gibbons
2006    Grady Golden
2005    Rand Falbaum
2004    Roy Griggs
2003    Dr. Phillip Rozeman
2002    E.R. “Bo” Campbell
2001    Alvin B.  Kessler
2000    Milton Williams
1999    Dave Michels

Year    Recipient
1998  Thomas E. McElroy, Jr.
1997   James K. Elrod
1996   Aaron Selber, Jr.
1995   J. Peter Gaffney
1994    L. Frank Moore
1993    Norman Kinsey
1992    Carl Mikovich
1991    David Myatt
1990    William Peatross
1989    Dr. Louis Pendleton
1988    John Franks
1987    Virginia Shehee
1986    Robert Allen
1985    Horace Ladymon
1984    John D. Caruthers, Jr.
1983    WC Rasberry
1982    Beal Locke
1981    J. Hugh Watson
1980    Jim Gardner
1979    Donald Zadeck
1978    William Atkins

Welcome New Members

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